Punching Above Our Weight

Photo by Katrina on Unsplash

We have just reached two important milestones in our journey as Mav3rik.

First of, we are celebrating our (belated!) official first year anniversary. It was just slightly over a year ago today when our core team was formed, with Sean and then myself and finally Gary coming onboard.

I can still remember Sean and I going to our very first business meeting with a client in Sydney — “bright eyed and bushy tailed”, but also realistic of what we were getting ourselves into. We’ve certainly come a long way since then and have overcome the initial challenges, but we know there are a lot more ahead.

Secondly, extremely excited to share that in this relatively short period, we’ve achieved Gold status as a Salesforce consulting partner. Can you believe it?!?

Having gone through a couple of partner evaluation rounds since we started, it’s incredible to think that we only got to Silver in the first one 3 months ago, and now we’ve struck Gold! —providing further proof of our unwavering commitment to #raisethebar in the Salesforce ecosystem, especially in architecture and development, and that even as a young(ish) team with still less than 20 members currently, we must be doing things right for our clients.

Yes, one could argue we are #punchingaboveourweight. Well above our weight.

We have been doing that from the start and we’ll continue to prove that you don’t need an army of over a hundred people to achieve great things and, as we said from the beginning, to ultimately make a difference. You just need a lean, but strong team whose hearts are in the right place.

To Salesforce, in particular the wonderful people that we’ve worked with so far, we genuinely appreciate your continued support in us.

To our clients, thank you for having faith in us and entrusting us with your goals and visions. Thank you also for challenging us — as you can tell, we always love a good challenge and we rarely back down from one.

And finally to those that we haven’t had the chance to meet yet, we hope that in one way or another our paths will cross and you’ll eventually get to know who we are… what we’re passionate about… what we’re capable of as a team. Go Mav3rik!

Where do we go from here? We will not stop going hard and striving for greatness. And we promise to keep punching above our weight.

#raisethebar #punchingaboveourweight #gohardorgohome #beamav3rik 💪🏻

Co-Founder, Salesforce CTA @ Mav3rik

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